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Hi, this is Lea

I am a well-being coach. I help you to create a sustainable well-being plan and to implement your new habits into daily life. To do so, I equip you with the tools to understand your physical-, mental- and emotional self. We will dig into your behaviour patterns, redefine your perspective and open the door to a happier and healthier life.
Alongside educational materials you'll receive practical guidance to achieve your health goals, and reflection tools to stay in touch with yourself throughout the process.

The 3-month coaching option is a life changing program. You'll learn about how the body functions, how mind and body are connected, movement and nutrition basics and learn to read and treat your body.
Every day our body is giving us sign; dry nostrils, bad breath, muscle pain, discomfort, insomnia, dark urine and so on. It is crucial that we re-learn to read those signs, and gain the knowledge to be able to treat ourselves accordingly.


physical activity

The goal is to implement movement sustainably into your daily life. Yoga, Bodyweight exercises and resistance training are all great ways to stay in shape. Your internal environment will be grateful, as the all the organs and processes benefit from physical activity.

It is so important to release the energy within and move the body in as many ways as possible, in order to build strong physical structures and a resistant body.


Yoga is a holistic approach to life and aims to put body and mind at ease.

Physically talking, practising Yoga strengthens the connective  tissue, which improves joint durability and prevents injuries. 

Training with resistance improves bone mineral density, decreases blood pressure & cholesterol⁠, improves insulin sensitivity⁠, helps weight management ⁠, improves muscle strength - protecting our framework (skeleton)⁠, improves joint health by stimulating the lubricants⁠, can correct imbalance, e.g. from wearing the handbag always on the same side⁠, improves mind-muscle connection and therefore movement control⁠

Breathing Techniques or healing from inside.

Breathing allows us to hack into our nervous system, control our immune reaction and restores health. Ever heard of the breathing practices in Yoga, which are cleansing and strengthening? Or about Wim Hof, the Iceman and his Wim Hof Method? 

Breathing alone has the ability to improve our energy levels, detox our bodies, reduce stress levels, rebalance the nervous system and strengthen our immune system.




The journey we make depends on your individual needs and goals. I've coached individuals that were seeking for a life-change. Guidance through this overwhelming world is what they needed the most.

Find out more about their individual stories below.


The 3-month wellbeing program is a great way to build and integrate a well-being structure into your life!

I am now equipped with a toolbox, I will always refer to when I feel I'm neglecting one or another part of my life.

Thank you so much Lea!!

Alessia, Vienna

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I source from researches, educational courses and scientific reliable books. You'll find all the sources used at the end of every article.

If you feel you want to talk about specifics, I'd be delighted if you get in touch!

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